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Most people associate weddings with spending money, and in most cases, they're right. Even cheap wedding decorations and budget-friendly wedding invitations have to come out of your bridal budget, but there's one huge wedding perk that doesn't cost a penny: bride-to-be freebies. In some cases, these freebies will help you make wedding day decisions - such as which vendor to choose or company to purchase from - but in other cases, these bonuses can actually be used on your wedding day and save you money in the long run.

Freebies for your wedding

So how do you get these freebies, and where do you start? Here are four ways to get your hands on things you don't have to pay for:

  1. Wedding shows are a hot spot for free stuff
  2. Some wedding events cost money to attend, and others are free with a promo code or some variation of an email sign-up. But keep in mind that the wedding expo itself may not be the freebie ... all the great stuff inside is. Most vendor booths offer free samples, gift bags for the first people in line, even contests for free or discounted services, so arrive early and carry an extra bag to collect the goods.

    Bonus tip: If you write a blog or regularly post on social media about your upcoming nuptials, don't hesitate to ask the wedding expo for a free pass in exchange for a blog write-up or social media posts leading up to the show.

  3. Start a bridal freebie Pinterest board, stat
  4. Not all free things are physical items. In fact, some of the best freebies are printables, templates and money-saving advice, and most of that can be found on Pinterest! Basic searches for "bridal freebies" will produce easy-to-pin results that can save you tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your big day.

  5. Go contest crazy
  6. Most wedding bloggers, vendors and publications feature contests, either for wedding day accessories or vendor discounts. What do you have to lose? Follow as many blogs and companies as you can on social media and beyond, then set aside a few minutes each week to look for - and enter! - all the contests you find.

  7. Simply ask
  8. Most wedding vendors are willing to make deals with clients they like and will often throw freebies into the mix. If you're hoping for a free cake upgrade, photo album, engagement session or accessory from the bridal shop you got a dress from, the solution is simple: Ask. You never know, they might even say yes!