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Photographers aren't cheap, but you want engagement photos to preserve the joy of saying "yes." So where does that leave you? Fortunately, you can engage in a photo shoot without dumping some of your wedding fund into pre-marriage pics. Make taking your own engagement photos part of your wedding planning checklist. Here are some tips for getting great shots:

Engagement Photo Tips from Ann's Bridal Bargains

Get the equipment

If you want your do-it-yourself engagement photos to look professional, you should start off by gathering good equipment. A DSLR camera is your best friend when it comes to photos, and if you don't have one, ask around. Your friends or family members might have this type of camera. You'll also want to use a tripod during the photo shoot. This equipment holds the camera in place for a steady shot.

You can also ask a friend or family member to take the pictures for you (do this if you have a photography-inclined friend). If it'll just be you and your fiance on the day of the shoot, use the timer setting on your camera.

Once the photos are done, clean them up a bit in Photoshop (get rid of red eyes, eliminate flyaway hairs and fix the lighting).

Find a good location

The place where you take your engagement photos may have some sentimental value. For example, consider going to the spot where you first met, the location of your first kiss or the place where you said yes. It could also just be lovely location that you both enjoy visiting. As long as being there makes you happy and you think it's a good backdrop for your photos, then your selection should work just fine.

Dress to impress

Pick your outfits after choosing your location. What you wear should fit in with the environment - so a dainty dress and suit might seem out of place in a warehouse. The outfits you and your fiance wear must also complement one another - that doesn't mean match! Go shopping together to find the perfect look. It doesn't have to be extravagant, but it should be you and it should be nice. Also, you don't need Pinterest to tell you what to wear!

Keep it simple

As far as the actual photo shoot goes, the best poses are simple ones. You're here because you are in love and engaged. Let your relationship and feelings toward one another be your modeling guide. Set the camera to a timer and then just have fun. Pretend you're just out for a walk or sit around and chat. Be yourselves, share your love and the camera will do the rest of the work.