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It's common knowledge that most wedding dresses cost a pretty penny - well, unless you're getting them on sites like PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com or Once Wed - but finding out how much wedding accessories cost can certainly come as a shock. And when you add up the cost of venue rental, wedding party gifts, budget-friendly save the date cards and flowers, it's hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a veil you'll only wear during the 20-minute ceremony.

Wedding veil alternatives that won't break the bank

But don't worry - you're not alone. Thrifty brides across the country have come up with wedding veil alternatives that won't break the bank. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions and tips that will save money and amp up your wedding day look:

  1. Ditch the veil for a pretty headband or clip
    Lots of brides want to wear a veil because they think they have to, but more modern women are opting out of wearing a veil to instead don a vintage-inspired headband or hair clip that costs little money and can be worn well after the wedding. When looking for budget-friendly hair accessory options, check out inexpensive mall stores like Icing , craft fairs that feature local sellers' handmade goods, and online avenues like Etsy. Rather than spending hundreds on a veil, you could snag a sparkly headband for less than $50 or even $20, then wear it on your anniversary a year later.
  2. Keep it simple with flowers
    Lana Del Rey popularized the flower crown on the summertime festival circuit, but it's also a fantastic wedding day option. Brides getting married outside or wearing a simple wedding dress can easily make their look even more romantic with the addition of a crown made with faux flowers or real blooms. If a flower crown is a bit too bohemian for your wedding style and theme, consider using a single flower from your florist or a silk bloom you purchase yourself. Flower clips can be relatively inexpensive, come in plenty of styles, sizes and colors, and can be easily changed between the ceremony and reception. Unlike veils, they won't need to be steamed and preserved before and after wedding day festivities and won't risk flying off your head should a breeze come through your ceremony or outdoor picture session.
  3. When in doubt, DIY
    Budget-friendly veil alternatives are great, but some brides still just want to wear a veil. And who can blame them? Veiled bridal portraits are lovely, and the accessories can be passed down for future generations to wear on their wedding days. Thankfully, the internet is full of tutorials to make anything from traditional-length veils to birdcages and everything in between. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the big day, just in case.

Photo credit: Tessa Kim via EmmalineBride