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When you're planning a wedding, it's easy to dream big when it comes to DIY. Whether you're thinking about buying cheap wedding supplies for Pinterest projects or customizing wedding invitation kits, seemingly simple do-it-yourself projects can take up quite a bit of your precious time.

DIY Flower Tips from Ann's Bridal Bargain's

Lately, more brides have added DIY wedding flowers and bouquets to their to-do lists, but here are a few considerations before you rule out the florist:

  1. Decide on flower type or material
    Who says wedding flowers even have to be made using actual flowers? Crafting blooms out of book pages, newspapers, coffee filters, pipe cleaners, leftover wedding or save the date invitations ... your possibilities are endless! Whether you try to tackle handmade Kusudama flowers or any other type of DIY centerpiece under the sun, it's important to make a plan and stick with it. Going back and forth or changing your mind about flower type, color or materials will result in lost time and late nights with the glue gun. Trust us, you won't want to be pulling all-nighters doing wedding crafts in the final weeks before your big day.
  2. Have realistic expectations
    Just because you can get your hands on out-of-season pink peonies doesn't mean you know how to care for them or arrange them ... but you can certainly do your homework and learn how. Before planning on crafting 1,000 fabric flowers in the span of three months or arranging real-flower bouquets that rival ones from glossy pages of bridal magazines, set realistic expectations on what you can and cannot do. Sure, those 1,000 fabric flowers might not wither and die before your big day, but do you have a spare 50 hours needed to make them all? Beat the stress by doing only what you know you can handle. Don't assume your bridal party or family members will jump in and help, either. Remember, they're busy getting ready for your wedding, too!
  3. Make - and stick to - a plan
    Once you come up with a DIY flower idea, put it on your planning calendar ASAP. It's a little too easy to get swamped with other wedding tasks and put your flower projects on the back burner, but it will do nothing for your sanity. Trust us, these projects need to be scheduled, and it's probably smart to brainstorm backup plans, too, just in case.
  4. Get feedback from other brides
    One of the best things about the internet is that real brides post success and horror stories for you to read and learn from. Start searching for brides who made DIY bouquets, flowers and centerpieces, then use their tips to make your experience that much better.