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A very important question to ask when planning your wedding is where you want it to take place. The ceremony and reception could be at the same or separate locations depending on your personal taste and budget. Everyone is probably asking you when and where the big event will take place, making it a top priority on your wedding checklist. While you're out venue-hunting, take a few things into consideration to help you choose the perfect spot. 

Occupancy capacity
Size matters when it comes to your wedding ceremony and reception venue. You have to fit a set amount of people comfortably in a room. Budget is going to be a big determining factor in how many people you can invite and where the event will take place. If you have your heart set on a dreamy location that has limited space, you'll have to shrink your guest list. Other venues that can modify their space to accommodate more people will charge more for the extra room. Ask the venue manager if you can peek into the space when another wedding is occurring. You should observe an event that's about the same size as your own to see how the room, or lawn, looks with that many people.

Room for fun
The venue you choose for the reception should have places guests can go to eat, talk and dance. This gives them the freedom to enjoy the night how they want to without standing and chatting on the dance floor. Picture the room or outdoor space as it will be on the day of your wedding. Imagine a layout where there is a dance floor and tables, or even a nook with couches. Look for room design features that may be an obstacle to the flow of the event. This may include trees, columns or walls. You want to make sure your guests can see all the little photo moments well. If grandma is stuck behind a column during the cake-cutting, she won't be happy.

Tips for choosing a wedding venue

Privacy in a public space
Keep your wedding personal by ensuring that the venue is private. Outdoor weddings are especially vulnerable to the eyes of passersby. An open outdoor space may invite strangers to come congratulate you, which you may be fine with. If not, find a private garden. 

Personal style
The theme of your wedding should be grounded in your personal tastes and exemplified by the location you choose. When wedding planning, decide upon your day's theme, and look for venues that help. A romantic, classic wedding is great in a vineyard, but not in a modern art museum. 

Photo credit: via Junebug Weddings