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There are so many different components of a bride and groom's wedding planning checklist. In addition to everything else, be sure you set aside time to think about transportation. You'll probably want to take photos with your entire wedding party after the ceremony, so you need a way to get there and to get to your reception venue. If you're looking for a fun mode of transportation, here are five creative options:

1. Vintage car
For brides and grooms who are having a vintage-themed wedding, a retro car is the perfect addition to your nuptials. Some couples are happy with an old Ford pick up truck, while others opt for a restored Rolls Royce or a vintage Volkswagen bus. If you have a smaller wedding party, you may be able to fit everyone inside.

5 creative rides to take you from the wedding to the reception

2. Bicycles
Some couples prefer more simple modes of transportation, like bicycles. This option is perfect if you and your future spouse enjoy living an eco-friendly lifestyle or want to take a bike ride after your ceremony. You can ride away on two single bicycles or on one double-seat model, with a "just married" sign on your helmets. Have every member of your wedding party ride bikes down the street to form a parade. You'll make the ultimate entrance at your reception venue.

3. Motorcycle
If you and your future spouse like to live on the edge, why not head out on motorcycles? You can choose a regular hog where one person sits behind the other or opt for a two-seater version. To make a big statement in your town, have everyone in your wedding party arrive at the reception on motorcycles. Also, Vespa scooters are a great alternative.

4. Double-decker bus
You can also be picked up by a double-decker bus. These vehicles are available for rent and they can fit your entire wedding party inside with room to spare. There are a couple variations on this mode of transportation, like the school bus and trolley.

5. Speedboat
If there is a waterway near your wedding and reception venues, hop on a speedboat. Provide shades for everyone in your wedding party so you'll look like cool cats as you arrive on the scene. If you're extra adventurous you can swap out the speedboat for a couple of Jet Skis.

Bonus ride
Is your wedding in the fall? If so, head to your reception venue on a tractor and wagon for a hayride.

Photo credit: J'Adore Love Photography via The Knot