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As your wedding is melding two families together, not all your guests will know one another. You probably planned on seating people together to promote harmony, but there will always be some awkwardness at the table during the reception. Help your guests break the ice by adding conversation starters to your wedding checklist. If you aren't sure what that would look like, here are some fun ideas to get your guests talking:

Couple trivia
A good way to start the flow of conversation is to focus on a topic to which all your guests can relate. In this case, the perfect topic is you and your fiance. Everyone at the wedding is here because you invited them, which means they have some significance in your life. Guests should all know a few things about the two of you, so use that as a way to get conversations moving. 

Trivia card: Print a list of questions on a card to place at the center of the table. Leave instructions at the bottom of the stationary. Questions can include "how did we meet?," "where are we going on our honeymoon?" or "what is our favorite restaurant?" Let the guests debate then have them fill out answers on the card. When they are done, have them clink glasses to get your attention. You and your fiance can come over to the table with a card that has the answers. This builds in time to greet your guests while they get to know one another. 

Conversation starters for your wedding reception table

Something in common
You probably have planned to design your seating so that guests are sitting next to someone with whom they might hit it off. If this is the case, you can create conversation starters that focus on members of the table. 

Escort cards: When going through your wedding planning, take some time to determine who will sit where based on commonalities. Do you have two friends who both studied the same major in college? Seat them at the same table. When you print the escort cards, write down something they share with someone else at the table. When your guests sit down, instruct them to find the person with whom they share that item. For example, your friend might see their favorite film on the inside of her card. She'll have to ask questions of the other table member to find out who else likes the movie.

Dancing the night away
Assign a song to each table. When that song plays, the entire table has to get up and bogey. You can assign several songs to each table so that they get up again and again. Have some songs at multiple tables so that two or more are dancing at the same time. 

Photo credit: Lovebird Photography via Bridal Musings