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Weddings can be very expensive, so why not make some of your decorations serve double duty? Start with your centerpieces. They help transform an ordinary table into a stylish dining area, yet the decor just gets thrown away at the end of the evening. Instead of purchasing one-use centerpieces, make them favors as well. Here are a few stylish wedding reception ideas your guests will love:

Everyone enjoys flowers and your wedding is sure to have a lot of them. Instead of creating one single arrangement for each table, purchase vases of varying shapes. Then place colorful blooms inside. You can have them match your wedding decor with the addition of a personalized ribbon with your new monogram on it.

Gourmet candy
Head to a boutique pastry shop and search for their tastiest gourmet candies. Wrap them in clear plastic wrap and set them out as fun favor pouches on the center of your table. To make everything look more stylish, you can set each gift on a tiered cake stand with beads and other jewelry as decorations.

Stacked favor boxes
If you decide to offer your wedding guests traditional favors, you can set them on your table as a centerpiece as well. Just find a stylish bowl or platter and pile the small wrapped boxes on top of one another.

Have your wedding favors and centerpieces serve double duty.

Decorative candles
Many people love the fragrance of scented candles. You can find some with a range of floral notes that match the flowers you have at your wedding. Add some decorative ribbon and set them out for all to see. Your guests can choose one to take home at the end of the evening.

Fruit baskets
You can make cheap wedding favors look fancy with the right spin. Head to a farmers market and pick up some of its freshest produce. Opt for oranges, apples, plums and other seasonal fruit. Next, place them them in wicker baskets and set them out as centerpieces. Your wedding will take on a fresh farm-friendly look.

Potted herb garden
Find small potted herb plants and use them for wedding favors. You can write a special message on each container or wrap them in colorful paper, then place them in the center of your tables.

If you have loose candies, place them in glass stemware and use them as centerpieces. They will add a sophisticated and sweet touch to your wedding reception decor.