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If you plan on designing place cards and other cheap wedding decorations you'll need to have a seating chart. Why? Because it helps keep everything in order and allows you to be worry free on your big day.

Bridal table
Many brides and grooms choose to have a large rectangular table for the wedding party. This helps set the focal point for the room, as it can be easily placed in the center, near the dance table. If you opt out of this option, you can leave a few seats open in your chart so you and your future spouse can mix and mingle with all your wedding guests.

Pair friends together
It's best not to over-think your seating chart, so go with what seems best to you. For example, you'll want to sit people who know each other and are friends each other. They will easily get along and be able to spark a lively conversation with tons of laughter.

Here are some tips for your wedding seating chart.

Consider relationships
It is also a good idea to sit family members together, but not if they aren't on good terms. Unfortunately, even a happy occasion such as a wedding can't bring the entire family together, so be sure to set rivaling aunts at opposite ends of the reception.

Connect people with similar interests
Sometimes you'll have wedding guests that won't fit in with any particular group. In that case, pair people with similar interests together. For example, if you know two your friends spent a summer in Europe, they would most likely enjoy sharing their experiences with each other. If you have an outgoing friend, place him or her near shy people to help bring their personalities out.