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Menus and place cards are great places to add a touch of style to your wedding reception. Additionally, they help create a sense of organization, so add them to your wedding planning checklist. Here are some unique ways to design these important wedding stationery items:

Theme - If you have a special wedding theme, design your menu around that decor influence. For example, if you love flowers and are featuring them around your wedding venue, add a floral motif to your menu. A single rose can make a big impact on a menu card. Some people are nature buffs and love the outdoors, so they might enjoy a tree border around the text on their menu card.

Color - Keep your menu exciting by coordinating your color choices with your food options. If you are serving heavy, comfort food-type dishes, a brown and cream color scheme would work well. However, if your meal is on the light side, opt for crisp colors like blue or green.

Motifs - Sometimes a small picture of an animal or an object that holds special meaning can transform the entire look of a menu card. A pair of white doves would look great against a turquoise card. If you love the sea, a pair of starfish could be a nice touch as well.

Trends - Don't forget about fun trends that you can incorporate into your menu cards. For example, Pantone's color of the year is Radiant Orchid. It's a deep purple hue that looks great when in used as font colors or flowers.

Unique wedding menus and place card designs

Place cards
You can be even more creative with your place cards. Some couples opt for simple cards that sit atop the table, while others choose envelope shapes.

Self-standing card - There are a variety of self-standing card styles from which you can choose. Some have ornate fonts and textured papers, while others are more minimalist.

Cards with holders - Other place cards need a holder to allow it to stand. This is where people get creative. Some holders include corks, chalkboards, bird figurines or even metal bells.

Envelopes - It's a nice touch to place a closed envelope on each place setting with a message for your wedding guests. These place cards have a range of motifs, from pine cones and flowers to ornate lines and bubbles.

Theme - Don't forget to match your theme to your place cards. If your wedding invitations and save-the-date cards have a particular pattern, incorporate that onto your place cards as well.