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Has your mother asked you to wear her wedding gown for your big day? Or perhaps you found an amazing vintage dress at an estate sale? In each of these situations you'll have to make adjustments to either modernize the gown or improve the fit. Here are some tips to help make a vintage wedding dress your own:

Why wear a vintage dress?
If you choose to wear your mom's wedding dress, she will probably be filled with positive emotions and be happy you are carrying on the family tradition. Also, you can save thousands of dollars, which leaves more room in your budget for your wedding invitations.

You'll most likely need to adjust the fit of the dress. Find a reputable seamstress because they will be altering a gown that has lots of symbolic value. Make sure this person measures your bust and waistline. Additionally, the fit should be comfortable enough for dancing.

Here's how to revamp a vintage wedding dress.

Some gowns yellow over time, so you may need to send the dress to a professional cleaner. Make sure the company you select knows how to handle high-quality fabrics. They also need to know how to clean the garment without damaging any crystals, lace or other types of embellishments.

You can add extra embellishments to help make the gown fit your style. For example, you can pin a brooch on the bodice or add a lace capelet. If you're an edgy bride, you can add a satin sash around your waist for a pop of color.

Accessories can also go a long way in making your vintage dress look more modern. If the bodice is simple, wear an intricate jewel bib necklace. Or you might want to wear long satin gloves or colorful heels to update your ensemble.