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Selecting a dress is one of the most important decisions you will make during the wedding planning process. Your wedding planning checklist probably has a detailed time frame for when you should have the dress chosen, altered and fitted. But have you considered who you will be taking along on the shopping trip? Here are the top three people to have with you as you select a gown, and why you'll want their input:

Here are the top three people to bring along while choosing a wedding gown.

1. Mom
Chances are your mother has tons of wedding ideas to help with the gown selection process. Additionally, she has probably been looking forward to this family milestone for awhile, so be sure to bring her along.

2. Sister
It's important to have family close by as you make an important decision, such as choosing a wedding gown. If you have a sister, she can give good advice as to what suits your frame and is in style. For brides who don't have a sister, bring along your soon-to-be sister in-law or a close female cousin.

3. Maid of honor
Your maid of honor helps with many parts of your wedding, so it's only natural that she tags along while you pick out your dress. She is also a good person to have around because she has probably familiarized herself with the theme of your wedding and can let you know if the dress you like is a good pick.

Bonus tips
Be sure you bring people along that are honest yet respectful of your style preferences. You might want to have a chat with your gown selection party to set up a plan-of-action for choosing the dress. Additionally, picking a gown can take a long time, so narrow down your list of boutiques on your wedding checklist to places that have comfy couches and provide light refreshments.