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Wedding favors are the finishing touch on the reception. It's your opportunity to say thank you to all your friends and family for coming out and sharing your big day, and though there is a variety of favor designs from which to choose, the best ones match the overall style and theme of your decor.

Cheap wedding favors should be stylish as well as practical. First you need to decide what you would like to put inside each favor. Traditional selections include candies and chocolates. These are a crowd pleaser because most people have a sweet tooth. However, you can also gift your guests with custom matches and notepads. These are items everyone can use at one point or another. However, if you wanted to offer a more creative gift like handmade soap, cake or another personalized item a favor bag is perfect. These containers are larger so they can hold more gifts, meaning your thank you present will make more of an impact.

When designing unique wedding favors take your chosen colors into consideration. Your favors will be placed on a table in the reception venue in plain sight. So it's important that the hues you pick don't clash with the overall decor. Select a dominant color and one that contrasts for the lettering. Additionally, you could choose a patterned version with a playful damask, classic floral print or other option.

Put lots of thought into what you want each favor to say. You could write the name of the bride and groom on each or include a general wedding-themed message. Also, it's possible to pick up blank favors and customize sticker labels to add to each one.

How to design favors that fit your wedding

Favor boxes are available in a wide variety of shapes. The most traditional option is a standard container with lid, which is perfect for candy, like jelly beans. Ribbon box favors are more decorative and provide a lasting memento. The styles are only limited by your imagination, meaning you could choose clear, pyramid, window and gift boxes.

Extra touches
If you really want to create memorable wedding favors, add some colorful ribbon. You can personalize a satin ribbon with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the event. If you use your imagination guests will love the token of appreciation.