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There are so many different components that go into your wedding planning checklist. One of those bullet points should cover asking your friends to be bridesmaids and helping them get ready for your big day. All these gals have different personalities, which might be hard to navigate while you're working out how to plan a wedding. Here is some basic information on the proper bridesmaid etiquette:

You're the bride
Asking them to participate - Get creative in how you ask your pals to be your bridesmaids. Being part of a wedding takes a lot of time and money. So understand you are asking a big favor, and treat them to lunch first. Or you can offer them a cute gift set, like a box full of perfume, handmade soaps and a decorative hanger for holding their future bridesmaid dress.

Bridesmaid dress - Make sure you are upfront with the details of the bridesmaids dresses. If you can't afford to purchase the frocks for your friends, make sure you let them know so beforehand. Additionally, tell them about the theme of your wedding and the color and dress style you would like them to wear.

Lodging - If you're having a destination wedding or any bridesmaids have to fly into the event, be sure they know if they'll have to cover their own lodging expenses. As the bride, you can usually reserve a block of rooms at a hotel for a discounted rate.

Bridesmaid Etiquette 101

You're the bridesmaid
Bridesmaids need to follow proper etiquette too. While it's important for your basic needs to be met, remember it's your friend's big day.

Moral support - In addition to taking part in the wedding, it's important that you are available for moral support. Especially if any wedding planning dilemmas arise. Try to be consoling if something doesn't go as planned, or try to help fix the problem.

Organizing the bridal shower - As part of the bridal party, it's your job - with the maid of honor taking the lead - to host a bridal shower. Have all the bridesmaids take part in pitching in to pay for the event, which can be something as simple as a weekend brunch. Be sure to consult the bride while you make the guest list for the bridal shower wedding invitations.

Planning the bachelorette party - You'll also have to help plan the bachelorette party. Again, coordinate with the bride for a list of who to invite, where to host the event and what type of entertainment to include.

Photo credit: via Wedding Chicks