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Wedding ceremonies can seem complex, especially because there are numerous roles to fill. From the best man to the readers, there are jobs for many of the important people in your life. As you start tackling your wedding planning checklist, get to know the various positions you'll need to fill in order to complete your ceremony.

Your wedding ceremony isn't complete without the proper help.

Bridal party
The bridal party is the group of people who walk down the aisle before the bride and groom and stand at the alter. Your bridal party should consist of your closest friends and family members. 

Best man: The best man is there to help the groom in any way possible. Best men commonly plan the bachelor party along with the other groomsmen. He's often a brother or best friend of the groom. He will stand next to the groom at the alter and may even hold the rings. 

Maid/matron of honor: She is the female version of the best man and is there for the bride. She'll be the one planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower, and she stands next to the bride during the ceremony. This person is generally a sister or best friend of the bride. A "maid" of honor is unmarried and a "matron" of honor is. 

Groomsmen: These guys are often your groom's closest brothers and friends. They attend the bachelor party and stand at the alter during the ceremony. 

Bridesmaids: Bridesmaids are close friends and relatives of the bride. They function similarly to the groomsmen. 

Flower girl: This cutie is often a very young member of the family, ideally between the ages of three and eight. She precedes the bride down the aisle, generally strewing it with flowers.

Ring bearer: This is the role for a young lad in the family. A boy around the same age as the flower girl is in charge of presenting the wedding bands to the bride and groom. 

Ceremony participants
Some roles are require speaking during the ceremony. These people should be present at your rehearsal (along with the bridal party), as they are necessary to complete the wedding. 

Officiant: The officiant can be a member of the bride and groom's church (such as an ordained minister), a friend or family member who has been ordained or a judge. The officiant actually conducts the wedding and signs the marriage license after the ceremony. 

Readers: Readers are family or friends who read a passage of scripture or a quote that pertains to love and marriage. 

Additional roles
Outside of the ceremony and bridal party, you have one more role to fill.

Ushers: You may ask several people to act as ushers. They will escort guests to the proper seats and hand out programs and bubbles (to blow after the ceremony).