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Now that your fiance has popped the question, it's time for you to do some asking of your own. Right at the top of every bride's wedding planning checklist is to "propose" to her bridesmaids. Taking on the role of a bridesmaid is a big ask. These girls have to spend money to be in the wedding, and they will be there for your throughout the entire wedding planning process. Ask for their support in a way that shows you appreciate their acceptance. 

Something sweet
Do you and your girlfriends like to go out for dessert? Do they each have a sweet tooth? Then ask them to be your bridesmaids with confections. 

Candy ring: A low budget way to "propose" to the ladies is with a ring pop. These hard candies are shaped like a diamond and mounted on a plastic ring. Decorate small box with your friends' names and write "will you be my bridesmaid?" on the inside lid. When she opens the box, the proposal will be there along with the candy ring. 

Surprise dessert: Take your girls out for a dessert date, either individually or as a group. Before the big night, work out a plan with the restaurant so that a small message will be included on your food. For example, have the kitchen write out the request with a chocolate sauce on a plate next to a slice of cheesecake. Your friend will be surprised - and she'll get a treat to celebrate. If you're a baker, you can also do this at home. Make a cake and write out the message on the top. Invite the girls over for a night together and bring out the cake as a surprise. 

Creative ways to propose to your bridesmaids

Something reusable

Take this opportunity to give your bridesmaids a gift they can use after you've proposed. You can use some crafting savvy to create these items yourself.

Hanger: Purchase a nice, plush hanger and use puff paint to write out "bridesmaid." Wrap the object and give it to your friend. She can use the hanger for her dress on the wedding day and then hang her normal clothing on it afterwards. The maid of honor should have an appropriate marking. 

Wine glasses: If you and your friends spend your girls' nights sipping wine, purchase a glass for each bridesmaid. Use paint to write out your proposal either on the base or on the glass. When they accept your invitation, you can pour some wine in celebration. This is also a great keepsake she'll use in the future to remember your wedding. 

Photo credit: Daniel Kim Photography via Wedding Chicks