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As the maid of honor, you've helped the bride send wedding invitations, pick out her dress and relax during planning, and now it's time to write your speech. The words you choose should build the bride's character, show her how much you care and introduce her a bit more to the wedding guests. If you're struggling to come up with the right speech, try finding inspiration from these maid of honor toast dos and don'ts:

Give a great maid of honor toast.

The introduction
The way you open is the platform from which you build your toast. Be sure to include the right things from the get-go.

Do: Start by introducing yourself to the guests, since not all of them will know who you are. This information establishes familiarity that will draw in your audience.

Don't: Avoid jumping right into the speech. You need to ease into the moment and give the guests a chance to listen. Don't use a joke to break the ice either. Make the moment a sweet one that focuses on the bride.

About the bride
Part of your speech should cover some information on the bride.

Do: Talk about how you met the bride. If she's a cousin or sister, share an early memory you have of her. Praise her virtues and express the way her love has impacted your life. 

Don't: Never make the bride the butt of a joke. This moment is all about lifting her up, and a backhanded compliment could ruin that.

The relationship
Move on to talk a bit about the relationship between the bride and groom. Think of the speech as a progression through their journey from your eyes. You knew the bride, met the groom, and then got to know him as well. 

Do: You can joke a bit about the bride when talking about her early days with the groom. Keep it to cute stories that show how much she liked him or the way he made her feel. This part should also transition you into mentioning the groom. 

Don't: Do NOT talk about past relationships. They are exes for a reason and it's entirely inappropriate to compare the groom to a bride's old flames.

About the groom
Take some time to share with the audience how you got to know the groom. 

Do: Share your thoughts on the groom, including first impressions. Go on to mention how well he and the bride work together as a couple.

Don't: While your first impressions might be funny, focus on the positives about his character. 

Wrap it up
Finish the speech by wishing the couple well and assuring them that they were made for each other.