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Some people might consider the thought of choosing bridesmaid dresses quite stressful. But it doesn't have to be. With a bit of planning and a positive mindset, picking the right gowns can be a simple and even fun process. Here are some tips to help with the selection process:

First, it's important for everyone to have the right attitude. Head off to lunch with your bridesmaids to discuss the details. Give your bridesmaids a rundown of your wedding ideas so they may base their dress choices on your theme. Consider the style of your wedding gown. The dresses should be less decorative - however, some elements can overlap between the garments. Let each bridesmaid voice her ideas. Be sure everyone is heard, as any unanswered questions may cause confusion later.

No matter how big or small your wedding party is, you'll want to consider the budget of every bridesmaid. Everyone should agree on the price range to ensure cohesion. Additionally, this lets each person know what they'll be spending ahead of time.

It's not a hard and fast rule that bridesmaid dresses should have identical fabrics, but it can affect the look of the pictures. If one dress is in a shiny satin and the others feature a matte cotton, only the silk gown will stand out. Additionally, textured fabrics, like linen, can have the same result. So have all the bridesmaids choose something similar.

There is a hassle free way to choose your bridesmaid dresses.

It's customary for bridesmaid dresses to feature the main color of the wedding, which is a fine choice. But for another option, you can use a similar hue in the same color family. For example, maybe the shade of purple looks great on your table linens but competes with the skin tones of some of your bridesmaids. It's perfectly appropriate to choose another color in the same group. However, make sure the shade has the same undertones. For instance, a lilac hue is very different than a plum tone.

Tips to remember
Not all brides are the same, so members of the wedding party will differ as well. Your bridemaids will need different dress sizes and possibly different silhouettes to complement their frame. Be flexible - you want each gal to love the frock she chooses, so hopefully she can wear it again.