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Wedding planning is a stressful marathon. You and your fiance have a seemingly endless list of markers to achieve in a definitively short amount of time. Don't let the pressure of to-do lists and projects overwhelm you. Make time to relax and release the stress in a healthy, productive way. 

Get a massage
Believe it or not, internal stress can be mitigated through external means. As stress is caused by the releasing of chemicals in the brain, it makes sense that another physical measure will calm you down. One way to unwind is to go get a massage. You can go alone, with a bridesmaid or with your fiance?, depending on what will make you most happy. While you're at the spa, allow the relaxing sensation of your muscles unwinding to be the only thing you focus on.

Take a yoga class
Yoga builds strength and endurance through stretches. Take a class with your fiance to loosen and relieve tension from your muscles. There are all levels of yoga available, ranging from intense to beginner. Some even focus on relaxation. If you find you enjoy yoga, sign up for classes over the entire duration of your wedding planning. 

How to relax during wedding planning

Spend time together
The ever-looming wedding checklist might have the attention of you and your fiance, but it's important to break from planning to spend time as a couple. Plan regularly scheduled date nights on which you both agree to leave wedding talk at home (unless it's to share your joy and excitement of spending the rest of your life together). Use this time to connect and continue getting to know each other. Be sure to encourage each other through this stressful time, which will certainly work to strengthen your relationship. Date nights can be anything from a dinner out to movies in your pajamas. Try to squeeze time in between these outings as well. 

Stay fit
While fitting into your wedding dress might be motivating you on the campaign to fitness, reducing stress is another benefit. Physical activity releases endorphins in the body, which make you happy. Maintain a regular exercise routine and eat healthy to keep a strong immune system. Stress weakens the body's ability to fight disease, so you'll be more likely to get sick during your planning. Staying healthy not only reduces stress, it boosts your immune system back up. 

Be nervous
Going through a mental breakdown is a sure sign you're too stressed, but a little bit of nerves are actually healthy. Experiencing fear shows you understand the commitment you're making. Just because you're worried doesn't mean it isn't meant to be. Acknowledge your nervousness, share your feelings with a trusted friend and keep going.