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Unfortunately, when we all watched Disney's "Cinderella," we didn't get to see the princess huddled over a calculator, spreadsheets and bridal magazines trying to figure out how to afford her dream wedding with prince charming.

According to The Knot, the average wedding costs about $27,000. And if you wed in New York City, that price tag raises to $65,000. Of course, thinking about finances isn't what every bride wants to focus on, but it's important if you wish to have the big day of your dreams while still having some money leftover to start your new life together. Fortunately, you can still have beautiful nuptials that live up to your expectations without spending more than necessary. There's this assumption that the more money you spend, the more magnificent your wedding will be, but that just simply isn't true. Here are a few ways to stay within your budget during the planning process:

Staying within your wedding budget

Know what you want
What's more important to you, a designer dress or the decor at your reception? Once you figure out which areas you want to put more money into, you'll be able to better manage your finances. Decide which percentage of your budget is going to which parts of your nuptials.

Create a wedding account
It's much easier to keep an eye on what you're spending if you have a separate checking account entirely for your big day. This way, you can track withdrawals and additions and it won't get mixed up with the rest of your day-to-day funds. The account can be closed after the wedding, but until then, you can schedule automatic deposits from your paycheck or personal accounts so you can see how much money you have available at all times.

Consider the off season
Summer is the most popular time to get married but if you consider a month in the off season, like April, you can save up to 30 percent.