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It's important to hire a photographer for your wedding reception to ensure you have tangible memories of your big day. However, it is also a good idea to give him or her a set of guidelines and directions so you are sure every special moment is captured. Here are some tips to help you cross off one part of your wedding planning checklist:

Study the work of a variety of affordable photographers to learn about their different styles. Choose the one you like best and have a couple meetings to hash out the details. In addition to talking about budget, let the person know what is expected. You should discuss the amount of photos to be taken, size, time frame, quality, post-production editing and photo access.

Tips for capturing iconic moments at your wedding

Here is a list of some of the most important picture opportunities at weddings and receptions:

Down the aisle - Have the photographer arrive early to the wedding hall and take photos of the decorations. Then have him or her snap a few shots as everyone walks down the aisle. Make sure he gets each couple in addition to the bride and groom.

At the altar - Be sure you get a few pictures at the altar. This is the most emotional part of the wedding. And if possible, have the photographer take a few images of the wedding guests sharing in on the experience.

Leaving the church/hall - It's a tradition to have a photo of the bride and groom as they are walking out the doors of the wedding venue. Additionally, it's extra special with members of the wedding party, friends and family gather by their side.

Entering the reception - It is popular for the bride and groom to make a big entrance into the reception venue as they are announced as a married couple. Have the photographer capture the smiles of the wedding party and guests.

Decor images - Be sure you direct the photographer to snap photos of the cake, table settings and food offerings.

First dance - This is another emotional moment for many weddings. Be sure there are photos from multiple vantage shots of the bride dancing with the groom, and then the father (as is customary in many cultures).

Other moments - There are a variety of other moments that should be captured, including the toasts, throwing of the bouquet, cutting of the cake, group dances and more.

Photo credit: via House of Higdon