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Wedding planning can be stressful for some people, making a relaxing yet fun honeymoon all the more enjoyable. Here are a few things to keep in mind while arranging your first vacation as a married couple:

Planning your honeymoon should be one of the items on your wedding planning checklist. First, you need to determine what your budget will be for this vacation. Set a realistic price range - you don't want to go into debt because you didn't plan in advance. While picking vendors for your wedding, consider opting for cheap wedding decorations and favors so the money you save can be put toward the honeymoon. Don't forget to tie in the desired duration of the trip into your budgeting.

Next, consider all the places you would like to go that are within your price range. Would you like to explore something within the states, or a tropical paradise?

Tips for planning your honeymoon

Be sure to plan for travel time. Give yourself enough time to fly or drive to your destination, and a day or so to relax when you get back.

Even if you are flying off to a consistently warm region, you need to check the weather forecast. This way you won't be stuck buying an umbrella - or other outwear accessories - when you can easily pack one in your suitcase.

Downtime - The activity level of newlyweds varies between couples. But if you are an active duo, don't forget to schedule some downtime as well. It's best not to set any hard appointments the day you arrive. You never know what will happen - sometimes planes are delayed and luggage is lost. So give yourself some wiggle room.

Planning -  Visit tourist websites for a list of all the activities you can do together. While you could register for snorkeling lessons or a zipline session once you arrive, it's smarter to schedule everything and pay in advance so you know you're guaranteed a couple of spots. Also, talk to the locals. If you head off to a popular destination, chances are it will be crowded. Ask a permanent resident of the area where is a good place to dine or shop, and they will often reveal hidden treasures.

Other tips
If you plan on leaving to your honeymoon directly after your wedding, put all the travel documents in your maiden name. You don't want a mix-up at the airport, when your passport or other identification methods don't match up with your plane ticket.

Photo credit: Jessica Loren Photography