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If you are following an extensive wedding planning checklist, then you know exactly what to do in the months leading up to your ceremony. But what about the week before you walk down the aisle? Here is a checklist of the things you need to take care of seven days before you say "I Do."

Pick up your dress
Some brides already have their dress a few weeks before their big day. But if your gown is still with the tailor, pick it up and hang it in an empty closet until your ceremony.

Make wedding day survival kit
A week before the wedding you need to make a kit with all the things you need on your wedding day. For example, place pain relievers, breath mints, clear nail polish, energy bars and deodorant into a zip-close bag. You'll also need tissue paper, a lint roller, makeup, safety pins, a mini sewing kit, fast-drying glue and any more just-in-case items.

Finalize checklist
Sometimes there are last-minute additions and cancellations on a guest list. Many caterers ask for the final number a week before the wedding, so be sure to give them an accurate count.

Confirm arrival times
To make sure your wedding goes off without any issues, confirm the arrival times with your vendors. Happy brides have peace of mind.

Put together payment envelopes
It is a hassle to write checks during your wedding. So the week before your wedding, figure out how much you owe for each vendor and write out the checks. Then place them in an envelope and have your maid of honor hand them out during the reception.

Arrange marriage license
In the days leading up your wedding, you'll have to finalize your legal marriage. This means picking up the necessary documents from town hall and having someone bring it to the ceremony so your officiant can sign them.

Week-before-the-wedding checklist

Pack for your honeymoon
It's best to start packing for your honeymoon early. About five days before your nuptials, be sure you have all your clothes in your suitcase and confirm your tickets and lodging accommodations.

Book your spa day
Many brides have a mini spa outing before their wedding, especially if the ceremony is scheduled later in the day. Schedule it a week ahead of time to ensure you are able to get your nails and hair done as well.

Write out wedding-day timeline
Draft a timeline for your wedding day and hand it to everyone that is taking part in the ceremony. This way everyone knows where they are expected to be and when.

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