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Wedding planners can be a lifesaver if they know what they are doing. In order to determine if someone knows how to plan a wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Industry knowledge
Wedding planners need to secure vendors for your decorations, food and reception locale. However, instead of simply performing an online search for a florist in your area, the planner should have industry knowledge of the best flower distributors in town. For example, he or she should know which companies have great prices and a quality product. Additionally, great wedding planners have connections with vendors through years of service. This in turn provides them with discounted goods, and the savings can be passed on to you.

Organization skills
It's important to make sure the wedding planner you select has great time-management, multitasking and organizational skills. He or she will have to plan all the minor details of the wedding while ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. Additionally, this person will have to keep track of a range of documents, invoices and other forms of paperwork. So if you head to a planner's office, you may want to see the space is clean and tidy, which may be a giveaway to their organizational habits.

What should you look for in a wedding planner?

People skills
Don't underestimate the necessity of interpersonal skills in a wedding planner. In addition to being a great business professional, he or she must be part therapist, in a way. Weddings are high-stake events that come with lots of emotion and sometimes drama. So a good wedding planner will know how to settle disputes, be a good listener and act as a middle person.

Above all, your wedding planner should be professional. Sometimes things won't go right so he or she needs to know how to handle the situation, while remaining calm. Professionalism also goes a long way in securing contacts, so don't overlook this quality.

Success rate
Be sure to ask potential planners about their past weddings. It's important to make sure they were successful bashes. You may even be able to ask for references. If so, just call up the person to see if they enjoyed the planner's work and discover how they felt about the overall outcome of the wedding.

One of the best qualities in a wedding planner is passion. If he or she loves making a bride and groom's dream come true on their big day, then the wedding will most likely be pulled off right. Ask the wedding planner about previous clients to see if he or she lights up when speaking.