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Bridal showers are typically hosted by the maid of honor and other members of the wedding party. However, as a bride, you need to provide a list detailing the gals (or guys!) you would like to attend. Here is a guide to who you should invite to your shower:

Bridal showers should be an intimate event with people you enjoy being around. So invite your mother, sister and other family members that you are close with, because you don't want the guest list to become too long. Also be sure to invite the groom's mother, sister and any other close-knit relatives.

Next, you want to invite your group of friends to the bridal party. Of course, your bridesmaids should all be attending, but you can also extend an invitation to some other close pals. You can invite some of the groom's female friends if you know them well too.

Who should you invite to the bridal shower?

Bridal shower etiquette
Be sure you send wedding invitations to everyone that is on the guest list of the shower - if you invite someone to the shower but not the wedding, it will look like you're just inviting them for the gift they'll bring. Additionally, you may not expect someone who lives far away to attend your bridal shower, but it's still a nice gesture to send them an invitation anyway. The invites should be decorative yet playful to convey the mood of the party. For instance, include a funny message or graphic to help set the tone.

Co-ed showers
Many modern couples opt to invite guys to this celebration too. These parties are called Jack and Jill showers, and they allow the groom and male friends and family members to take part in the fun. If you go this route, use the same tips to determine who to invite. Also, your maid of honor should plan co-ed activities, like trivia games, dancing and gift-giving games, so everyone can participate.