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The rehearsal dinner - a celebration traditionally held the night before your wedding ceremony and immediately following your wedding rehearsal - often leaves brides wondering who they should and shouldn't invite to the festivities. If you and your fiance are planning on hosting a traditional rehearsal dinner, keep the following tips in mind to ensure that you adhere to bridal etiquette:

Who to invite
The wedding party: As much as the wedding reception is really all about you and your partner, the rehearsal dinner is all about your wedding party. The intent of the rehearsal dinner is to thank your bridesmaids, groomsmen and other attendants for their time and support.

Parents, grandparents and godparents: If you and your spouse-to-be have good relationships with your parents, grandparents and godparents, it's best practice to invite them to the rehearsal dinner. They are a large part of your special day, after all, and deserve to be recognized alongside your best friends and siblings.

Out-of-town guests: This is totally optional - but if you have a few guests traveling in from out of town to attend your wedding, it's a good idea to invite them to your rehearsal dinner. Plus, it gives them something to do with their time while they are away from home.

Other honored guests: Any other honored guests at your wedding - including scripture readers, musicians with whom you are close, and the parents of your littlest attendees - are also people who you may want to invite.

Who to invite to your rehearsal dinner

Plus ones?
As is the case with wedding invitation, it is best etiquette practice to always invite spouses and fiances (or any other significant others) to attend. However, the term "significant" other is of importance here. While it would be great to allow every invitee to bring a date, it may not be in the budget. If this is the case, don't feel bad about discriminating between serious couples and casual companions.

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