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To make sure your wedding date stays on guests' calendars, you'll need to sent out save the date invitations.

While your wedding date is likely already burned on your brain, what with all of the orders and reservations you've made, your guests may have more difficulty remembering it. This is where save the date invitations come in! Save the dates are designed to get your big day on your guests' calendars and keep it there. To make sure your stationery stands out from the crowd (and away from the pile of junk mail), check out these four unique save-the-date ideas:

1. Try a magnet
The easiest way to make sure your wedding date stays at the forefront of your guests' minds is to make it simple for them to stick it in the one place they'll see it every day: their refrigerator. Save-the-date magnets are an affordable option that can easily be tailored to your wedding theme! Consider using a photo of you and your fiance on the magnet to make sure your guests don't forget what they're saving the date for.

2. Send a sticker
Looking for a cute save-the-date idea that will put your nuptials right on your guests' calendars? Consider sending along a sticker! Services like Prinstagram will turn an Instagram photo of you and your fiance into a sticker that you can include with your save the dates. Add a note that asks guests to use the stickers to mark the date on their calendars, and they'll be sure to remember the big day! For a more affordable option, consider buying some sticker paper and making the stickers yourself right on your home computer.

3. Include a notepad
Turning your save the dates into something practical is a surefire way to ensure your guests remember your wedding day. And what's more practical (or present all over our desks and homes) than notepads? Order small customizable notepads with your new monogram and wedding date and send them to your guests. Every time they write out a grocery list or jot down a phone message they'll be reminded of your upcoming nuptials!

4. Mail a postcard
If you're looking for a budget-friendly save the date that will keep your wedding day on your guests' calendars, consider sending postcards. This design is becoming increasingly popular because it's unique, inexpensive, and easy for guests to display! Whether they stick it on the refrigerator or a bulletin board in their mudroom, the postcard will do an excellent job of reminding your guests to save the date.