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Save-the-date invitations have a simple and straightforward purpose - they serve as a heads up to everyone you plan on inviting to your wedding. Here is some basic information on save-the-date cards:

Should you send a save-the-date card?
These cards aren't mandatory like wedding invitations. However, there are a few reasons why it might be a nice courtesy to extend to your wedding guests. For example, if you plan your wedding during the holiday season, it's helpful to send a reminder to everyone that your nuptials will take place near Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah or another cultural celebration. This allows everyone to plan their holiday schedules in advance while also making time to attend your wedding. You might also want to send out these reminder invitations if your wedding is during a heavy travel period. 

When to send them out
It's customary to send save-the-date cards six months in advance. This allows you to spread the news to friends and family so they can prepare their schedules. If you are having a destination wedding, try to send the cards eight months before your nuptials because people need more time book their travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.

Who should get the cards
Some brides and grooms may ask if it's customary to send the save-the-date cards to everyone on the guest list. This type of wedding invitation is much less expensive than formal invites, so go ahead and send a reminder to everyone you want see on your big day.

Save the Date Cards 101

Save-the-date details
Even though these cards aren't full invitations, you should include additional details along with the date. For instance, for destination weddings you can send the location your nuptials will take place. Also, you can let guests know if you are letting them invite a date.

Change of plans
Even though brides and grooms choose the wedding date and venue in advance, sometimes plans change. In that case, don't worry if you sent the reminder cards with inaccurate information. Just send your wedding invitations a bit earlier with the correct date and address.

Custom save the dates
Brides and grooms often put a personalized touch on save-the-date cards. You can include an engagement picture along with the card, or you can choose a theme that correlates with your wedding decor. Select your favorite fonts, colors and graphics to make the cards truly unique.