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Thank-you notes allow you to send your wedding guests a personalized statement of gratitude for attending your nuptials and giving you a present. There are a few things you want to include in each hand-written letter to ensure you express the right sentiment. Here is some information on the best thank-you note etiquette:

Letter structure
Address the person - The first thing you want to do is address the person to whom you are sending the letter. If you had a formal wedding you can write "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Henderson." However, if your wedding was more casual, it is fine to only include the first name.

Expressing gratitude - Next, you want to convey your sentiments. Express your gratitude for receiving the gift, and mention it by name. At this point, you can also include a sentence or two about how you're going to use the present.

Sending regards - Depending on who the letter is addressed to, finish with another "Thank You," "Warm regards" or "With Love" and write your name.

It's generally accepted to send out thank-you notes from six to eight weeks after the wedding. However, it's best to try and have them in the mail as soon as possible to ensure the sentiment is received promptly. Also, try and get your letters to your wedding party out sooner - aim for two weeks.

Thank you note etiquette

Just like your wedding invitations, your thank-you cards can be designed in a variety of ways. You can feature a photo of the bride a groom on the front side or include a simple "Thank You" in a decorative font. For the former, consider using your wedding day pictures, which offers guests a special photo of the newlyweds. Additionally, you can choose a card with a floral or heart design. But for a sophisticated option selected a textured card with embossed details.

Construct each letter as you open the gifts to help streamline the thank-you note writing process. If you have an immediate use for the present, take a quick snapshot of you and your spouse using the item and include it along with card. It's a thoughtful gesture to send these notes to your wedding vendors, like the caterer, florist and planner. Also, be sure to write an extra-special message to those in your wedding party.