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After all the wedding planning has come to an end, all the excitement has settled and you are married, writing thank you notes might have slipped your mind. Before you get to that point, take a few steps to ensure your guests receive timely thank yous. Once you're on your honeymoon, you won't want to worry about writing and addressing. 

Get the stationary ahead of time
Purchase your thank you cards, or the stationary for them, when buying your wedding invitations. This way you'll have enough cards for your guests and you'll have the supplies long before you need them. As you receive gifts, you can pull out a card and get writing. Keep these somewhere safe so you won't misplace them. 

While you can't exactly predict the gifts you get or who they will be from, there are a few things you can get out of the way. For example, address and stamp thank you card envelopes after getting the stationary. When you do receive a present, you can fill in the card and sent it right away. 

Tips for writing timely thank you cards

Take notes
Every time you open a gift, take a note on what you received. You can write this down on the card that came along with the gift, or keep a computer document that contains every item along with the name of the person who gave it to you. When going the document route, add a column with addresses so you'll have information in one place. This will keep you organized and reduce the stress of writing thank you cards. Have a bridesmaid do the note taking during the bridal shower so you don't have to think about it. 

Respond as you receive
Write thank you notes with every round of gifts you get. For example, sit down with your fiance after the bridal shower and tackle the responses. Then do the same after the wedding. This way, you won't have a mountain of notes to pen when you return from your honeymoon. If you get gifts intermittently in the mail, respond one at a time. 

Be timely
Ideally, you should respond immediately after receiving a gift. However, most people will be happy if they get a card within two weeks, especially if it's a thank you for attending the wedding. If you go on your honeymoon immediately after the big day, plan on writing the cards when you return. Many couples now wait a few days before their trip. Use this time to get the thank you cards out of the way.