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Wedding day stationery

Wedding stationery comes in all shapes and sizes, and with etiquette rules to boot. For those brides looking for a guide to speed up their wedding checklist progress, here is a quick what's what of wedding reception stationery. Remember: Creativity is a must, so try to stick to the rules while expressing your personal style. 

Place cards
This little piece of paper will be your guests' map to the reception room. In either a flat or tent format, the place cards are intended to replicate your wedding invitation stationery. The cards should feature the name of each guest, the table at which they will be seated and their food preferences or allergies - this way, no one will be served a dangerous meal. 

To add a nice touch to your wedding tables, include place card holders for each of your guests, and have them take the duo home as a cheap wedding favor.

Place the cards at the entrance to your reception space. It is not uncommon for couples to neatly arrange their cards on a bed of moss or special fabrics, depending on their wedding theme. Another trendy way to display your cards is to use ribbons to hang them from a tree or standing platform. 

Table numbers
When faced with the daunting expanse of a wedding reception space, guests will be relieved to see table numbers. These tent-style or folding placards should be large enough for a guest to see their table from across the room and from up close when the room gets dark and the dancing gets going. Consider them as another part of your decor. To seamlessly blend the table numbers with your theme, try to match their color or style to either your place cards or your centerpieces.

Don't feel too hemmed in by the idea of table numbers. Your table title does not necessarily have to be organized in a numerical fashion. Recent trends have led to a more creative designation of tables. One option is to give each of your tables a location. For example, choose from a list of your favorite vacation spots. This both allows you to express yourself more thoroughly in the decor and teaches your guests a little more about you as a couple.  

The menu
A great way to continue to show off your wedding style throughout your reception area is with the menu cards. These, for traditional plated events, will feature all of your courses and the options for each one. These can be as intricate or as simple as you want. Be sure the typeface is consistent with the rest of your wedding stationery and you can't go wrong. Those couples who are featuring dishes that may have a traditional name should consider including food descriptions for each item. Not only will this make your guests' decisions easier, but it will eliminate any later problems with unwanted ingredients. This should be a definite for couples choosing to have a buffet at their wedding. If your caterer doesn't happen to supply their own placards, include each item's name and description on a tented card in front of the dish.   

The extras
For those looking to kick it up a notch, there are other stationery perks that you can add to your reception space. You could consider placing signs outdoors with parking directions for your guests. Inside, you may want to post a few "this way to the loo" signs for guests who may get lost in the fray. 

If you are looking for another sentimental touch, include a description of your signature wedding drink at the bar. You don't have to stick with ingredients here. Try including an anecdote of why you chose this drink and what its name means.