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What should you consider when choosing fonts for your wedding invitations?

When working your way through your wedding planning checklist, you may find yourself getting caught up in the details. While at any other moment in your life obsessing over which font to use may seem a little crazy, when it comes to your wedding invitations, it's totally normal. After all, what's the point of sending out invites to your big day if your guests can't read them? Ask yourself these questions as you search for the perfect font:

Does the font reflect the tone of my wedding?
Everything you choose for your wedding should reflect the overall tone you're trying to achieve, and the font on your wedding invitations is no exception. Having a formal affair? Opt for something elegant, like Bickley Script or Mahogany Script - they both look as if they were written on a piece of parchment with a feather pen. For more modern nuptials, consider using bold fonts like Bergamot or Avant Garde on your wedding invites.

Is the font easy to read?
While you may think you've found the perfect script for your invitations, if it's impossible to read, you may have to think again. Even if you think the font is legible, be sure to get a second or third opinion by having your fiance and a few family members look over your design. If the font is difficult to read but you're still in love with it, consider making it slightly larger or only using it for your names.

Should I use more than one font?
Some couples opt to use more than one font on their wedding invitations because it adds a bit of interest to the design. If you do decide to use more than one font, be sure your choices complement one another. In addition, the font that is most legible should be used for important information like the time and location of the ceremony. Your guests already know your names, so feel free to use a more creative font for those!

What size should the font be?
There are two main things you need to consider when picking the size of your font: Can you fit all of the information you need to on the invitation? And is it easy to read? As you may have already figured out, legibility is huge when it comes to font selection. Play around with the balance as you design your invitations - you can even use larger font sizes to draw attention to important bits of information.