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Wedded bliss

What wedding ceremony is complete without a wedding program? For those brides choosing to incorporate this little bit of stationery, consider it as more than an itinerary. It is also a cheap wedding favor. The program's purpose is to introduce the guests to your wedding party, but it can also add a nice sentimental touch. A program will offer ease and familiarity for those large or cultural weddings. 

Get the look
Your program should be uniform with your wedding and save the date invitations. Continue to emphasize your personality as a couple by incorporating your colors or other neat garnishes. For design, choose a program that can fold open like a letter. Another format that is great for summer weddings is a fan program, your event itinerary glued onto a popsicle stick.

The particulars
Regardless of style, the program should always include the ceremony's order of events. This way your guests who are unfamiliar with a tradition will be able to understand the importance of the event. The program should also state who will perform or participate in each part of the ceremony. 

Include any title, author, singer or composer of readings or music that guests will hear. Also, write out any responses, songs or readings that require your guests to participate. A nice touch here would be to include a translation for any foreign passages. 

The guys and girls
For the specifics of your wedding party, be creative. A few unique options are to include silhouettes or little drawings of each member above their name.

For those close to their officiant, feel free to include his or her name. Parents may also be pleased to see their names listed.

Just for you two
For a bit more than just a traditional program, include a short story on how the two of you met. Be sure that it can be elegantly integrated into the theme and design of your program, and make sure to keep it to a minimum. You want your guests paying attention to your ceremony - let them get the full story during the toasts. 

Any couple who had a specific meeting that spurred on their relationship should try to include that situation. As an example, if you met over a newspaper and cappuccino, don't hesitate to have your program designed as a mini newspaper. Have the outside folds contain a bit of newsworthy info about you two, and add a wedding crossword puzzle on the back.