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Weddings are filled with traditions. From the rings themselves to the nuptial ceremony, there are a few wedding components that people have been doing the same way for years. Somewhere down the line of your wedding checklist, you and your fiance have planned create a wedding gift registry. The whole point of a gift registry is so that guests know what the bride and groom need as a wedding present. Having a wedding registry is a tradition, and where there's tradition, there's rules for proper etiquette too.

Where to register
You may be tempted to register at all of your favorite stores, both physical ones and those that are only online. However, this is not convenient for your guests as it can become confusing. Choose about three stores to register at and be sure they cover a range of prices. For example, you can register at a national chain for inexpensive basics, such as kitchen utensils . Your out of town family can get your gifts there. Also include mid- and high-range stores for other items as some guests may want to spend more. Don't limit the items you choose because they are meant to start your married life. 

Register ahead of time
Register for your gifts about four-to-six months before the wedding. However, your bridal shower date should be the major baseline. Be sure your registry is complete with enough time before the shower so guests can purchase your gift in store or online. 

Gift registry etiquette and guidelines

Getting the word out
Once you've selected various home items for your guests to choose from, there's the age-old dilemma of how to let people know where to go. Etiquette dictates that you do not include a specific note on the bridal shower invitations. Get the information out by word of mouth. Tell your immediate family as well as the members of the bridal party where gifts can be purchased. They will pass this information along to your guests.

Photo credit: via Wedding Obsession