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No matter your wedding date or style, wedding invitation etiquette is a very important consideration. After all, the same paper products will be sent to your entire guest list, from grandma and co-workers to college buddies and long-lost relatives you only see once every few years.

Although actual invitation wording is flexible and may be determined based on the style of event - think "gettin' hitched" versus "joyous celebration of marriage" - there's one common fact: Your wedding will likely have a few out-of-town guests in attendance. Whether they've been to your wedding site, city or state once or 100 times, etiquette suggests providing people with map cards and detailed directions so they, too, can make it to the church on time.

Why wedding invitation maps and directions are helpful for your wedding guests.

Map cards are inexpensive, don't add postage fees

Instead of feeling pressured to cram directions onto the invitation, consider including separate wedding invitation map cards that also include detailed directions if necessary. This is especially helpful in country settings, where phone service is shoddy and it's easier for guests to navigate based on directions rather than street numbers and addresses. But why risk it?

Map cards can include a few things, like a graphic map, written directions or both. In cases where a graphic map will suffice, you can take advantage of text-heavy map card features to let guests know about hotel room blocks, nearby attractions, wedding festivities before and after the big day, and transportation options. These cards are totally customizable and your font and text options are endless.

The best part about including budget-friendly map card inserts with your invitation suite is that it most likely won't add postage fees. In case you're still unsure, take your invitation and envelope into your nearest USPS facility and get their input. Chances are high that you can still use those really lovely wedding stamps you already bought without blowing your budget on more expensive options.