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Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Brides and grooms customize the big day to fit their needs best. These days some people are choosing to host adults-only celebrations. Looking for the right way to convey that sentiment in the invitations? Here is how to do it:

Be upfront
Before you send your wedding invitations and save-the-date cards, let guest know your big day will be kid-free. Say it casually and try to convey that it is adult-focused, rather than blatantly saying that children aren't invited. Give your reasons for choosing this route - perhaps there will be an open bar, the wedding is set late in the evening or you're hosting a formal event. Tell a few friends in a nice way and word will spread throughout your group. Letting everyone know early also allows them to have time to arrange a babysitter.

Polite ways to communicate a 'no kids' wedding policy

Save-the-date cards
You can also mention the kid-free component of your wedding on the save-the-date invitations. Just write that it's a 21-and-over bash so everyone will know ahead of time. You can also choose to invite kids to the wedding and have an "adult reception" later in the evening.

Wedding invitation wording
When you send out your invitations, you have to be clear with your wording. You won't address the card to your a guest and then write "and family." Instead, design the invites to feature the name of each person who is invited. Perhaps you are fine with preteens or other young adults attending. Be clear with who is on the guest list and there will be no miscommunication. However, if you choose to invite certain teens, you may have to do so across the board.