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Rules of the wedding 'plus one'

Now that you've chosen the perfect wedding invitations, it's time to get them out in the mail! But before you do, it's important to really have the guest list nailed down - after all, you don't want to have to send out additional invitations later on. Of course, sending invites always brings up the question of the plus one. Do you have to add a plus one to every invite? If not, how do you decide who gets a date and who doesn't? We've got all of the answers for you so you don't have to sweat it!

When a plus one is a must
Go through your guest list to determine who is married, engaged, living together or in a long-term relationship. All of those guests should get a plus one, no exceptions, even if you don't know their spouse or significant other. Think of the couple as a package deal. Only inviting one person can come off as disrespectful to your guests.The only situation that may require a deeper a judgment call is the long-term relationship. The word "long-term" might mean different things to different people, so that one is up to you!

Make it clear
If you're not giving your guests a plus one, you should make it clear on the RSVP cards. For guests that are allowed a plus one, write something like "__of 2 guests will attend." For loved ones that have to fly solo at your wedding, write something completely different, like "__of 1 guests will attend." This will make it clear that they're the only ones invited to your nuptials.

Breaking the bad news
If you and your spouse-to-be decide that you want to keep your wedding guest list as short as possible, then some people will have to be denied a plus one, and that's OK! After all, it's your big day, not theirs. Even if you don't dictate on the wedding invitation that your guest gets a plus one, it's normal for some of them to ask you if their significant other or friend can attend. Turning away guests for your big day can be awkward, but it's necessary in order to keep you and your fiance on-budget, and help your wedding vision become a reality. Consider using your wedding website to break the news to your guests. Have a section that clearly states that although you would love for everyone to bring a date to your wedding, it's just not possible due to budgetary restrictions, venue size, etc.