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You sent out wedding invitations years ago and now you're celebrating the anniversary of your big day. If you're having a get together to commemorate your marriage, then sending out anniversary party invitations is a great idea! Of course, the tricky part is finding the right way to phrase the announcement. As you're rifling through a variety of elegant and budget-friendly stationery, consider these wording tips:

Remember the past
Because you're celebrating the anniversary of an event, you should use some of the space on your invitations to commemorate your wedding day. Try something like, "20 years down and forever to go," or "Celebrating 30 years and looking forward to many more." These phrases let your guests know how long it's been since you said "I do" while showing optimism for the future - plus your friends and family can get you a card with the right amount of years!

Tips for wording your anniversary party invitations

Pick a quote
Consider adding a quote from your favorite love song or film to use as an invitation heading that exemplifies your relationship. For example, express your love with "So happy together," which references the song by The Turtles. Or you could quote the song's chorus with "I can't see me loving nobody but you, for all my life." No matter what artist or song you use, the words should be an accurate depiction of the love you and your spouse share. 

Emphasize community
Your loved ones have been there for you along your marriage journey - some people will even have received your wedding invitations and your anniversary cards! This party is a great opportunity to thank those who have walked with you for their support while also celebrating the love you and your spouse share. Choose invitation wording that lets your guests know how important their presence is in your life. Pick things like, "We invite you to share," or "Come celebrate with us." 

Be creative
Both anniversary and wedding invitations these days can be worded with a similar amount of creativity. While you won't be wearing a white gown, an anniversary celebration can be a little more dressy than your average party. However, that doesn't mean you have to be formal. Couples are coming up with unique phrasing ideas the add some levity to celebratory occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. You can go the classic route by saying, "You are invited to celebrate the 20th anniversary celebration of Meg and Tim Mattson," or be a little more casual with "Come join us for a celebration!"