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Wedding invitations and other stationery items allow you to set the mood for your upcoming nuptials. Many of your family and friends will choose to hold on to these mementos for years to come, so it's important for them to be perfect. To help you create the perfect save-the-date cards and other items, do your best to avoid these common wedding stationery mistakes:

Typos and grammar errors
Your traditional or modern wedding invitations should flow well and be easy to read. However, if there are grammar errors within the text your sentiments may be overshadowed. Be sure to type slowly when you are creating the text for your place cards, invites and other stationery items. If you make an organized wedding planning checklist you'll have enough time to draft your stationery. Before you agree to order your invites, review the mock up carefully. Have someone else look over the text as well.

Hard-to-read fonts
Script fonts are extremely ornate and work well for elegant wedding invitations. But you don't want to select a typeface that will be too hard for your guests to read. Avoid this by choosing larger size lettering if you opt for a script font. Additionally, you should be able to work with the designers of the card to have them space each individual letters farther apart, if needed.

Wedding Stationery Mistakes to Avoid

Overdoing the design
You may have lots of design elements you would like to include on your stationery, but it is easy to overdo it. Once you have crafted your invites, ask yourself if something can be omitted without affecting the design.

Purchasing the wrong postage
This common mistake can be easily avoided. Remember that wedding invitations contain many different components, like meal and response cards, so they won't have the same postage as a typical letter. Be sure to weigh the cards before you put on your stamps.