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Frequently Asked Questions


Usually the invitations shown on our website or in our catalog are available only as shown. But you can still make the invitation uniquely you by selecting your lettering style, ink color, monograms or design choices. In some cases, there are exceptions to the "As Shown" option. If you are interested in finding out about a specific invitation, please e-mail us at: service@AnnsBridalBargains.com or call toll-free 1-800-821-7011 to speak with a customer service representative.
We will be happy to print your invitation with your customized wording. Simply type your own wording into the personalization boxes and click update to see a preview. You can clear out the pre-populated verse by clicking on "WRITE YOUR OWN VERSE" from the verse selection window.
Tip: Consider the size of the invitation you are ordering when choosing your wording. If you have a large amount of copy for the size of your invitation, we recommend using an enclosure card for a more attractive result.
Referencing the list below, type the characters found next to the accent or special command you would like to apply. For example:
  • To apply an accent to the "e" in fiancé, you would type: fianc\’e\
  • To add a bullet type \b\
  • To bold your name, type <O2>YOURNAME<O0>

If the preview doesn't appear as desired, please give us your printing instructions via the Add Special Instructions link next to the item in your shopping cart.
Accent Marks
Acute á \’a\
Acute Á \’A\
Acute é \’e\
Acute É \’E\
Acute í \’i\
Acute Í \’I\
Acute ó \’o\
Acute Ó \’O\
Acute ú \’u\
Acute Ú \’U\
Acute ý \’y\
Acute Ý \’Y\
Accent Marks
Grave à \`a\
Grave À \`A\
Grave è \`e\
Grave È \`E\
Grave ì \`i\
Grave Ì \`I\
Grave ò \`o\
Grave Ò \`O\
Grave ù \`u\
Grave Ù \`U\
Accent Marks
Tilde ã \˜a\
Tilde à \˜A\
Tilde ñ \˜n\
Tilde Ñ \˜N\
Tilde õ \˜o\
Tilde Õ \˜O\
Special Character/Alignment
Question Down \?\
Dagger \d\
Bullet \b\
Underline <U>Your Text<U0>
Italics <I20>Your Text<I0>
Bold <O2>Your Text<O0>
Align Right <QR>
Align Left <QL>
Align Center <QC>
Roman Numerals
I \I\
V \V\
X \X\

Visit VerseIt.com for a wide selection of wordings for your celebration. Whether you are looking for traditional verses for a second wedding or an informal verse announcing your recent marriage in the Caribbean, VerseIt.com can help!
We can print your artwork on some of our invitations for a charge of $10.00. If the invitation has a preprinted design or verse, it may not be possible to change it. Also, there may be additional charges, depending upon the setup of your invitation. For complete information on the invitation you have chosen, please e-mail us at: service@AnnsBridalBargains.com or call toll-free 1-800-821-7011 to speak with a customer service representative.
Some of our invitations allow for a photo to be printed without an additional charge. It may also be possible for us to print a black-and-white photo on certain invitations. The charge for printing a photo is $25.00. Depending upon the invitation and setup you choose, there may be additional charges. To discuss pricing, please e-mail us at: service@AnnsBridalBargains.com or call toll-free 1-800-821-7011.
Yes, you can order your invitations, enclosures, and accessories as blank stock on the website. Some of these items may have a price listing for blank stock. If not, please call customer service at 1-800-821-7011 and you will receive a 10% discount off the listed printed price. Please note: some invitations cannot be printed on by a non-commercial printer.
Yes. We can print your wording in any language that uses the English alphabet. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for invitations and enclosure cards. Please be sure to add a neatly typed note in the special instructions field (click the "Add Special Instructions" link found underneath the Help Me link in the personalization process or in the shopping cart) listing the additional wording you want, making sure of capitalizations, spellings and punctuation. We will print exactly what you send to us in the typestyle you choose. If the language you are using to print your invitations does not use the English alphabet, please send a print-ready copy and your order number to service@AnnsBridalBargains.com. We will then transfer this copy to a plate and print your invitations. Tip: We recommend you order a proof for items that cannot be viewed using our personalization tool. To order a proof simply mark the check box labeled "Include a Proof for $15.00" next to the corresponding item in your shopping cart.
Our invitations come in a variety of paper colors to accommodate all tastes. Below is a description of these paper colors. Each invitation will list the paper color in its description.

1. Bright White: This is bright or brilliant white paper, with no hint of color. Choosing a bright white paper for your invitation will assure you of capturing your guests' interest and attention.

2. Natural White (Sometimes referred to as White or Soft White): This is the classic choice in wedding invitation papers. It has just a hint of cream and coordinates well with any color theme for your wedding.

3. Ecru: This socially correct paper choice is a creamy color, which adds warmth to your wedding invitations.

Tip: Narrow down your choices and order samples from Ann's Bridal Bargains to make sure there are no surprises when you receive your personalized order.
Lined inner envelopes are available in a variety of colors for invitations including double envelopes. Each invitation has its own set of colors as made available by the manufacturer of that invitation.
Some couples will choose to include information in the lower left corner of their invitation. This could be reception, respond or dress-code information. Corner copy is at the bottom and off center to the left or right, depending on your design.
To save time addressing and maintain the elegant look of your wedding stationery, let Ann's print your return address for you. Return address printing is included at no additional charge on seal and send invitations. Ann's also offers an addressing service for your guests' addresses. Please contact customer service for pricing by emailing service@AnnsBridalBargains.com or calling 1-800-821-7011.


We suggest that you have your guest list finalized before you place your invitation order. Then you will know how many invitations you will need and not have to guess at the number. Be sure to order invitations for the wedding party as well as for keepsakes. We also suggest you order an extra 25 to help you avoid costly reorders, which start over at the original price.
Order two or three napkins per guest, depending upon how the napkins will be used at the reception. For example, the cake table will require one or two napkins per guest, while the bar will require approximately three per guest. Cocktail size napkins would be an appropriate size for the bar while you may consider dinner napkins for the cake table. If you are supplying printed napkins for the guests to use at dinner, two or three per guest is suggested in the dinner size.
We will make every effort to make changes on your order if you request them. Because of our fast turnaround time, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to catch the order before it is printed. We suggest you make sure your order is correct before you place it. NOTE: A $10.00 fee will be applied for changes and/or cancellations. If your order is already in production, you will be charged in proportion to the work already completed.
Even though we have a quick turnaround time, we suggest you give yourself sufficient time to get your invitations addressed and assembled. They should be mailed at least six weeks in advance of the wedding (or sooner if there is a respond date). With this in mind, we suggest ordering three to four months before the wedding to allow yourself ample time. Save-the-Date cards are a great way to buy you time on the back end while informing your guest of the pending date.
We can ship your order out the NEXT BUSINESS DAY! Please call our customer service department at 1-800-821-7011 and ask how to expedite your order.
In order to use the Saved Items feature, you'll need to "Sign In" to an existing account or create a new account. Once you have signed in, start shopping! You'll see a plus sign symbol and "Save this item" below all product thumbnail images on our category pages. You'll also see "Save this item" below the pricing grid in an item's product details page. To see your list of saved items, click on "My Account" in the upper right corner and then click on "My Saved Items." You will then see a list of your saved items. You can personalize them, remove them from the list or add them to your cart.


We currently ship to US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With the help from MyUS.com, Ann’s Bridal Bargains can offer international shipping too! Just get your own MyUS.com address in America. With that address, MyUS.com is able to receive your order, repackage and forward to you. Shop and order online using your MyUS.com address, and receive your package anywhere in the world and enjoy great savings and shopping. Visit MyUS.com now to learn more.
Please see our shipping information page for shipping rates and terms.
If you submitted your order online, you will have received a confirmation number. To check your order status, please sign in or visit our Order Status page to enter your confirmation number and receive your order details. If you ordered by phone or fax, you will need to contact customer service via phone at 800-821-7011, by email at service@AnnsBridalBargains.com, or via chat to get your order status.
Most invitation orders are printed, packaged and shipped within 1-2 business days. Please allow time for delivery, in addition to the production time of 1-2 days, based on your chosen shipping method and delivery destination. If you are in a rush, we can ship your order out the NEXT BUSINESS DAY! Please call our customer service department at 1-800-821-7011 and ask how to expedite your order.