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Creative Samples | Affiliate Marketing Program

The affiliate marketing program for Ann's Bridal Bargains provides publishers with several different types of creative to use on their websites. This page contains examples of the different types of creative options we offer. Once you are accepted into our program, you will have access to all of our options. If there is anything you would like to have on your website that we do not offer, please email us at with your request.

Text Links

A text link is a simple text-based link (without a graphic). They are used on websites, in social media, in text messages and in emails. Text links are the best performing links in many programs because they are the easiest to use. Here are a few of our most popular text links:


A banner is a clickable (hyperlinked) advertising graphic, and is the most common type of web advertisement. Banners come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and add a splash of color to a web page

Product Links

A product link promotes a specific product. For example, instead of a banner that promotes "," a product link can promote a specific wedding invitation. Product links allow you to place the advertiser's products within the context of your content and create impulse buying opportunities for consumers.

Product Feeds

Product feeds are also referred to as a product catalog or merchandiser data feed. Product feeds look the same as individual product links on your website, but they include all the products we offer. Instead of searching for individual products using the product finder, you can set up a product data feed. Examples of publishers who typically use this data include online shopping malls, comparison sites, portals, and review/rating sites.

When you sign up for a data feed, your affiliate network will send you our entire product catalog in the format you choose. LinkShare requires the use of an FTP site for storing data feeds, and allows you to choose between pipe-delimited text or XML file types. Commission Junction allows you to have a data feed emailed to you, stored on an FTP or an HTTP server. Files can be sent as tab-delimited, pipe-delimited, XML, quoted CSV or standard CSV.

Product catalogs are updated on a regular basis to ensure publishers have access to accurate pricing and product information. Publishers using product data feeds have to manually update the product listing on their website using the most recent file.

Check out these resources or contact us for more information.