Fun and creative ways to announce the big day!

You only get to do this once, so do it right! Announcing your engagement can be a surprise, low-key, exciting or relaxed. No matter what you do, it's going to be fun!

Here are a few ideas for making the big announcement.

Photo Shuffle – Take a photo of your sweetie kneeling in front of you with arm upraised or of your hand resting on top of his with your wedding ring in clear view. Then hide that photo within a stack of photos and ask friends and family to have a look at your latest vaca or dinner party. Maybe have a camera ready for a snapshot of their reaction.

Chain Mail Junky – Make up a chain e-mail and ask a bunch of ordinary questions until the very end. Then ask "Have you ever been engaged?" and "If so, when?" Of course, your answer will be "Yes" and "Yesterday." Make sure your friends and family will open the e-mail since some people aren't a big fan of chain e-mails.

Good Fortune – Take everyone out for Chinese, but bring your own personalized fortune cookies (just google it, you'll find some). Slyly place them next to everyone's plate, give them to the waitress to hand out or fake like you went to get everyone fortune cookies and use the ones you brought.  The message inside could say "Thanks for eating with the future Mr. and Mrs. Doe," "We're engaged!" or "Two people you know were recently engaged."

Puzzled – Find a website that allows you to create your own word finds or word scrambles and mail them to friends and family. Include a note telling them to "Solve the puzzle for some exciting news!" This is a great idea for shower games also.

A Bunch of Suckers – Get a bunch of ring pops and attach note cards to the rings that say "He popped the question!"

Gifted – Have T-shirts made (or make your own) that say the role each of your friends and family members will have in the wedding: father of the bride, best man, bridesmaid — you get the idea.

For the Girls – Have mini bridal bouquets sent to both of your mothers and each of your bridesmaids with note cards attached asking them to be a part of the big day.