Do your pocketbook a favor with affordable favors from Ann’s!

Ann’s favors are real crowd pleasers!

In the box
Ann’s has favor boxes in so many styles and shapes, you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit your wedding AND your budget! Fill the boxes with yummy candies or a piece of cake for guests to take home. Dress up the boxes with ribbon and favor tags for extra-personal touches.

Out of the box
Not all favor treats have to come in boxes, and Ann’s gives you fun, affordable options that will delight your guests.
• Cover gum, rolls of mints or candy bars in personalized wrappers.
• Wrap candies in netting circles and tie with ribbon for an oh-so-pretty look.
• Use unique favor cones to hold treats — they’re also fun for holding petals for tossing during your getaway.
• Feeling lucky in love? Share the sentiment with guests by giving them lottery tickets on personalized cards.

Stuck on you
Everyday items + personalized stickers = great wedding favors!
• Add personalized stickers to boxes of mints for a refreshing favor idea.
• Make candy kisses sweeter with cute, personalized stickers on the bottoms.
• Feeling creative? Design your own stickers to top favor tins.

Tag! You’re it!
ANY favor you give will be more stylish and personal when you add a personalized verse card. Attach the cards with pretty ribbon that matches your wedding décor.

Uniquely you
Looking to make a big impact with your favors? Ann’s gives you impressive options that won’t break your budget!
• Place disposable favor cameras on your reception tables for guests to take fun, candid photos you’ll cherish.
• Make a compilation of your favorite songs or photos and dress up those CDs with personalized labels.
• Have bottles and bottles of bubbles available for guests to have fun with during your getaway and dance.

Wondering what to fill those great boxes, netting circles or favor cones with? Here are some great and inexpensive options from Ann’s!
• Make heart-shaped chocolates or other candies in our heart candy molds. Get the bridesmaids involved in the making process, and you’re sure to make some memories too.
• White candy hearts printed with romantic messages will get guests talking.