According to the Wedding Report for 2007, couples in The United States spent on average $455 for their invitations and respond cards, $196 for save-the-dates and $127 for thank you cards. That’s a total of $778.

So it’s no wonder why one of the most common questions we hear at Ann’s Bridal Bargains is:    Is it cheaper to do it yourself?

And our answer is… not necessarily. It can be, but invitations can add up quickly no matter which direction you decide to go.

Customized Invitations

Ordering customized wedding invitations through a dealer or retailer is definitely easier. You just choose your favorite invite and provide the information needed. With such a huge selection of wedding invitations available at such a wide range of price points, you’re bound to find one that fits your style and budget.

For example, Ann’s Bridal Bargains is a discount wedding brand that sells invitations and accessories. The cheapest wedding invitation sold at Ann’s is 38¢ per invite. That’s a better price than most DIY invitations. The next cheapest wedding invitation at Ann’s is 40¢, which is more comparable to other wedding brands and DIY. Remember that printing and envelopes are provided when you order your invitations.

Do-It-Yourself Invitations

Let’s say you make your own invitations. Your guest count is 100 people. You buy 100 sheets of ecru linen paper for $20, one roll of satin ribbon for $9.95 and 100 heart charms for $25. That’s $54.95 total — 54¢ cents per invitation. Remember, prices vary a lot depending on the quality of any of those items and this does not include envelopes or ink.

The comparison above is for a non-folding, budget wedding invitation. If you want a higher quality invitation, such as a pocket invitation with multiple enclosures, you could make your own for less than ordering them. Just remember to shop around and pay attention to the amounts of materials you’ll need. You may not think to add the expense of ink, glue, labels and envelopes, but they will add more to the cost of your invitations than you think.

Compromise  There are two popular compromises between purchasing custom invitations and making your own from scratch.

DIY Kits

Since DIY has become so popular, there a lot of wedding invitation kits available now. Invitation kits provide you with everything you need for each invitation and usually come in packs of 50. They can range from $30 on up for packages of 50 invitations.

Play Dress-Up

Another option is to purchase a plain, affordable wedding invitation through a dealer or retailer. They’ll print it for you and provide you with envelopes. Then you can add any kind of embellishments you wish to give the invitation that crafty, personalized look.

Remember, there are lots of other ways to save money for your wedding. is a great example — you get a ??% cash back for every dollar that you spend. That can add up to a nice chunk of change. Also, Ann’s Bridal Bargains and many other wedding retailers provide the Bill Me Later™ option so you can purchase now and pay later. Click here for more information.