Monograms are classic, beautiful and personal, which is why monogram wedding invitations are a popular choice for couples. There are a few etiquette rules to consider before choosing your monogram though.  

Is it proper to use a monogram for informal wedding invitations? 

Yes. Traditional monograms (just your initials) are commonly used for both formal and informal invitations. Informal monograms that use just the couple's first names are becoming more available also.  

Can a monogram be used before the marriage? 

Depends. If you decide on the traditional married monogram, then no. The married monogram is the bride's initial first, the last name initial larger in the middle and the groom's initial at the end. 

The married monogram should not be used before the actual ceremony. Traditionally, the bride would use her monogram (first, last, middle) on anything being sent before the wedding (save-the-dates, invitations, bridal shower thank yous). You can choose to use your married monogram for anything at the reception or after, such as favors, napkins, toasting flutes, etc.  

Many non-traditional monograms are fair game though because they usually consist of just the couple's first names. These types of monograms can be used at any time before and after the wedding.   

Note: Consider designing your own monogram. Some invitation retailers allow couples to use their own designs on their invitations and other stationery.