After choosing, assembling and stuffing your wedding invitations, addressing the envelopes seems like the easy part, but questions always pop up. So we’ve compiled the Top 10 Things to Remember when addressing envelopes. Scroll down for more in depth info and examples and if you still have questions.

1.) Traditionally, wedding invitations come with two envelopes: an inner and an outer envelope. The inner envelope is meant to address each individual that is invited to the wedding. The outer envelope addresses the family as a whole. The inner envelope has become more of a tradition than a necessity. The choice is yours. Scroll down for some examples of inner and outer envelopes would be addressed.

wedding invitation inner envelope information wedding invitation outer envelope information

2.) Think about the formality of your event. Do you plan to address your envelopes formally or informally?

3.) If formally, use full names (no nicknames). Middle names aren’t necessary, but should be spelled out if used.

4.) If formal, spell out abbreviations such as apartment, avenue, street, etc. Use numbers only for house numbers and zip codes.

5.) Don’t spell out state names. The U.S. Postal Service prefers two-letter abbreviations.

6.)Always abbreviate Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Jr.

7.) If formal, write out professional titles such as Doctor or Professor.

8.) Address envelopes to both members of a married couple.

9.) Send separate invitations to children over 18.

10.) For children under 18, include them on the family invitation. Some etiquette experts say not to use “and family,” but that’s your choice. We think it’s just fine, especially for informal invitations.

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