Tips for creating a proper wedding ceremony seating arrangement:

• The groom’s family and friends sit on the right side of the church or venue

• The bride’s family and friends sit on the left side of the church or venue

• Always seat parents in the first row on their appropriate side.

• Reserve first few pews or rows of chairs for guests of honor, such as grandparents, godparents, immediate family, etc. (Pew bows are a great way to indicate reserved seating.)

Tips for creating a successful wedding reception seating arrangement:

• It is customary that the bride and groom determine seating arrangements

• Ideally, all guests should feel as though they’ve been seated in a special spot

• Remember to think in terms of compatible dinner partners

• Use wedding place cards to show guests where they will be seated

• Find wedding place cards that coordinate with your wedding reception table decorations

• Traditionally, there is a separate table for the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom. Other close family and friends may be seated at these tables, as well.

• It is not advised to seat divorced parents together, even if they have a good relationship. Each parent has extended family and friends that make seating them all together difficult.

• At the head table, the bride and groom sit in the middle with the bride to the right of the groom. The rest of the head table may be arranged however the bride and groom prefer.

Wedding place cards are used on all tables, including the head table. Add a special touch to your head table with wedding reception table decorations that coordinate, but are slightly unique.

Bright White Place Card with Design  Pearl Panel Place Card

Most importantly, keep guests comfortable! Take into consideration good table partners and easy seating access for the elderly and handicapped.

With so many things to consider, start creating your seating arrangement early!