Flowers and Flourishes wedding invitations
Floral Shadow wedding invitations


#1 When shopping for wedding invitations,
be aware of the shape and know that square invitations cost more in postage.
Check out our discount wedding invitations for some affordable size options.

#2 Remember that the heavier the paper, the heavier your invitation
ensemble, which means more in postage.

#3 Look for postcard save-the-dates and response cards. The postage
rate for postcards is less than regular postage.

#4 Weigh the invitation ensemble. Stuff one wedding invitation with
all the necessary enclosures and take it to the post office to be weighed.
You’ll find out exactly how much each invitation will cost to send and you can
purchase postage accordingly.

#5 Some wedding invitation styles cost less to mail. Seal ‘n send invitations include an attached
postcard-style response card, which saves you money. Also, seal ‘n sends don’t
need an envelope so you save on paper as well.

P.S. Add a personal touch
to your wedding invitation ensemble with photo stamps. Check out to create your own photo stamps in three easy steps.