that first kiss as husband and wife, what’s the sweetest part of your wedding?
The wedding cake! Have a cake cutting ceremony you’ll never forget with these
great tips.

Cake cutting


• Right before dessert at a
sit-down reception. Closer to the end of a luncheon or cocktail reception.


• Let the kitchen staff
know when you plan to cut the cake so they can remove it right after for
cutting and serving.


•Money-Saver: Choose a
small but beautiful wedding cake for display at your reception. Keep
less-expensive sheet cakes in the kitchen for serving to guests.



• The cake is usually
placed on its own table. Arrange the venue so your cake table is clearly seen.


• Dress the table up with a
nice tablecloth and some decorations (candles, flower petals, confetti, etc.).


• Choose a beautiful knife
and server set
to display next to the cake and to use during the cake cutting


Heart Handle Wedding Serving Set
Linked Hearts Wedding Serving Set



• The bride begins by
picking up the cake knife with her right hand and the groom puts his hand over


• The couple should start
cutting at the base of a tiered cake. Remember to let the caterer know if you
want to save the top tier.


• The couple cuts a small
wedge of cake together. Using the coordinating cake server, the couple will
place the piece of cake on a plate with two forks.


• The groom feeds the bride
the first bite, and she feeds him the second. Afterward, they may share a kiss
and sometimes the couple will cut slices for their parents.



• The cake cutting ceremony
symbolizes the couple’s commitment to share with and support one another.


• Plus, it’s just fun!