Think of wedding invitations as a formal introduction to your wedding and the invitation’s style as the first impression. You get one shot to make a great first impression. Ask yourself these 5 questions to help you choose the perfect introduction to your big day!

1. What style of event are you hosting?

Weddings fall into one of three categories — formal, semi-formal or informal — with most falling into the latter two categories. Make sure you consider the formality throughout your planning process and when choosing wedding invitations.


Formal Affair Wedding Invitations


Elegant Pearl Borders Wedding Invitation

Elegant Pearl Borders Wedding Invitations


Birds in Cherry Blossoms Wedding Invitations

2. What’s your price range?

Unfortunately, cost does affect what wedding invitations you choose. Luckily at Ann’s, this isn’t a problem! We specialize in quality, discount wedding invitations in a range of styles, designs and prices. Go ahead and browse — you’ll find something to fit your event and budget.


3. Have you chosen a theme?

Many couples today are choosing a wedding theme to make their event unique and more personalized. A theme can be anything from simple elegance to the color scheme, or the theme can focus on a certain design element, such as hearts or flowers. It might even revolve around a hobby or lifestyle, like Western for example. For even more themed wedding invitations, we recommend visiting Invitations by Dawn.


4. What’s your color scheme?

Wedding invitations come in so many colors these days that you’re bound to find one to fit your color scheme. Choose an invitation in one solid color that coordinates with your wedding scheme, or choose a white or ecru invitation accented with a coordinating, colorful satin ribbon. You can even choose an ink color that matches your wedding colors for the ultimate, coordinated look.


5. Need a little inspiration?

Look to your wedding dress! Your wedding dress will naturally reflect the style of your event, plus they often have unique design elements, which are great inspiration for the bride in search for the perfect style of wedding invitations.


What’s your wedding invitation style? Take our quiz!